Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Today's Activities

Today I got out the marker board to try my luck at giving Garrett a lecture on The Hero's Journey (AKA The Path of All Success). We made a deal that he can watch a movie if he will write down when the "hero" faces a Roadblock; finds a Mentor; overcomes or endures Tests, Trials, or Traps; or faces their Ultimate Test. Unfortunately (or fortunately), Indiana Jones: Temple of Doom didn't show up in the mail yet today. Garrett named great examples of Heroes from the Scriptures, Greek mythology, and his favorite movies. He said, "That was really interesting." Even though it was called a "lecture".

The girls could hardly wait for it to be over, though, because I promised them they could draw on the marker board when they were done. Gracie practiced her cursive "G"s for the first time. I was pretty impressed with how quickly she caught on. After a while she started doing perfect backwards cursive Gs, so I am making a mental note to call the Austin Eye Gym to see what an eye exam would cost.

Bridget drew a very mad girl. I wonder why she always draws mad girls? Something to think about. Nevertheless, I thought it was a great piece of artwork!

During "dinner" we listened to a tape the kids recorded in the summer of 2006 of themselves singing and answering questions (What's your favorite food, book, etc.). It was precious! That is one item that must go in the fireproof safe. :)

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