Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Kids Say the Darndest Things!

So today Garrett and Gracie wanted to play "Catch Phrase" a "Taboo"-like word game where you give out clues to get the other players to guess your word... sort of like the 10,000 dollar Pyramid game show. 
Garrett and I got on a pretty good roll.  We must have been thinking on the same wavelength for a while because we were guessing each other's words like crazy!  He was doing better than I could have done on some of the clues he was giving.  Then it came to my turn and my word, or phrase actually, was "I Love You".  How easy can it get, right?  So I shouted out my first clue without hesitation:
"This is something I say to Dad all the time!"
Garrett (with confidence) says:  "Pick up your socks!"
Me:  "No...  Something I tell YOU all the time.  Three little words..."
Garrett:  "Morning Routines... (counting the words in his head he realizes he needs to add a third) time?"
Luckily at that moment the timer buzzed... before we could go through the rest of the list of things I say to my family more often than "I Love You"!
I was laughing and trying not to cry at the same time. 
Today's lesson:  Next time you see socks, pick them up, and let them be a reminder to say "I Love You" to the next sweet little face you see.  :)  Don't just say it, but think it and feel it and truly be grateful to have a family... with feet.

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